Preparing your child for the world
and the world for your child

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The Willow Tree is an inclusive enrichment program and camp for young children of all abilities. We welcome all young children - including those with autism spectrum disorder and other special needs - who are getting ready to transition into preschool or kindergarten. Our program offers a carefully designed 
curriculum that incorporates speech, language, sensory and social elements enabling all children to develop essential skills that prepare them for the preschool or kindergarten setting.

A key component of our program is our Peer Buddies - typically developing children who not only provide modeling for their peers with special needs, but also learn alongside their peers. With our focus on self-regulation, social skills and language development in a small, nurturing setting, our program is beneficial to all children.  Plus, our inclusive environment offers unique opportunities for learning about diversity and community.
The Willow Tree was created with support from Dr. Stephanny Freeman & Dr. Tanya Paparella from UCLA ECPHP

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