Preparing your child for the world
and the world for your child

Our Children

The Willow Tree is an inclusive program for children ages 2.5 - 5 years old. Our enrichment program is designed to prepare children of all abilities to transition into preschool or kindergarten. We welcome children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other special needs and provide the behavior and language support most children need. However, a small number of children with ABA support are accepted into each class.

Typically developing children - our Peer Buddies - are an integral part of our inclusive program. Our focus on self-regulation, social skills, language development and age appropriate academics is beneficial to all young children.

For our Children with ASD and special needs:​​
  • small group sizes for individual care and support
  • teachers specialized and trained in working with children with different needs
  • a nurturing environment
  • social skill, self-regulation and language development​​
  • social learning through modeling by our Peer Buddies
  • ​therapeutic activities such as yoga, mindfulness, music, movement and art
  • a program developed with speech and language, behavior and sensory support in mind
  • experience of a diverse community of learners
For our Peer Buddies:​
  • small group sizes for individual care and support
  • a nurturing environment
  • a focus on social emotional development and self-regulation
  • academics incorporated in a fun, playful way
  • opportunities for leading, guiding and modeling for other children
  • experience of a diverse community of learners helping them to be inclusive, flexible, and collaborative